PTA (Friends of Tolworth School) FOTS



Our School has a very active, fun and engaged PTA (FOTS).
We organise many successful activities and fundraising events throughout the school year.

We are very proud of the important role we play supporting School projects and creating strong links with parents and the School community as a whole.

With the tightening of school budgets additional fundraising activity is vital to maintain the quality of education we all want our children to enjoy. 

In addition to FOTS there is a system of Class Representatives. These are parent volunteers who work alongside the FOTS team to arrange or advertise activities to all the schools year groups, they even arrange social events for parents too! 

Please don't feel that you have to be present at FOTS meetings to join in the fun or to help just come along to one of our many organised events during the year or respond to a call for volunteers. If you would like to come along, we meet once each half-term (your chance to help decide where our funds will best support the School and to gain an insight into the School's future).


     Everyone can play an
       active part in FOTS     


    We look forward to seeing you at
   FOT's events and working together
    for the benefit of our children and
       the school. If you want to know
     more about FOTS, just drop us an
            email and we'll be in touch. 

          Registered Charity: 1106926

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Please view or download our letters below:
Letter 12th September 2017
Nursery/Reception Coffee Morning
Fireworks - Saturday 14th October 2017
Creepy Cake Sale - Thursday 19th October 2017   
Quiz Night - Friday 24th November 2017   
Christmas Fair Raffle - 1st December 2017   
Fancy Dress Disco - Year 1 - 9th February 2018     
FOTS  Open Meeting - 7th March 2018  
Tolworth's Got Talent - 23rd March 2018  
Murder Mystery Night - 27th April 2018